Max number of email recipients in one email

What’s the max number of email address allowed in the TO: field? I have a club newsletter to send to over well 200 members.

I know I can send as ‘mass mail’ but that sends them out one at a time and ties up my pc for an hour or more.

Thank you.

There is no limit in eM Client for the number of recipients in an email, but your email provider probably will limit you. Some have limits for the number of recipients per message, as well as the number of messages sent per day.

Good news. Thanks! I have a query into the ATT forum, but no clear answer yet. It does appear there’s a limit and I’m guessing around 100 or so. May have to do an experiment to find out.

I think you are correct.

I believe google is around 300.

I read on Google that if you use their web interface with a regular GMail account, it is 500 recipients per day. For GSuite accounts it increases to 2000 per day.

But sending from an email client like eM Client with a regular GMail account: 100 per day.

There is no official information, but I understand that there is also a 20 message per hour limit.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll try gmail next time. The number I need presently is 266 to do in a single pass, but only once per month or so. I have gmail configed with AT&T acct so I send/receive from my acct user I.D. (gmail is transparent, a very cool feature).

I used to used you will need to export and import your names and email addresses. With their free account you can send 300 a day for free.
You can create your email message etc.

I like em because now I can select the records and shoot.

I have a few go daddy accounts and with them I send 250 per day.

If I use two email accounts I can send 250 each.

I can also purchase more smtp relays from go daddy in blocks of 50