Maverick server calendar sharing


Our setup:
OSX Maverick Server, WIN7 client with emCLient, OSX Maverick Client with iCal.

When OSX client wants to share a calendar with the Win7 user (using EM Client), then the invitation to the share doesn’t appear anywhere.

Same the other way around.

As a workaround we installed the win7 user account on the osx client as well and accepted the share invitations there and then deleted the useraccount again.

Can the emclient receive share invitations from OSX Server?


Hi, yes you should be able to receive invitations from the second user.
What version of eM Client are you currently using and what mail service are you using on both devices?

Are you seeing any errors when submitting the invite?

Thank you,

Hi Paul
Thanks for your answer

The Em client version is: 6.0.20648.0

We are connecting to the OSX mail server via IMAP.

There is no direct error message coming up. The sharing invitation is not being sent via email. It’s being transferred via OSX server and it becomes visible in iCal.

I hope the above makes sense. Please let me know what other information you require.

Hi again, can you please go to Tools > Settings > Advanced and turn on CalDav logging for the problematic account?

  1. Save the settings
  2. Restart the application
  3. Replicate the issue
    Create a test event and invite the other account, refresh the calendar and wait until the synchronization ends.
    go back to the advanced settings window and click on “Send logs” and send the logs to my email, with a reference link to this forum topic.

Also please try to install this update if the issue persists.

Thank you,