Matrix Support?

The Matrix protocol is a feature rich open source messaging protocol that’s very popular with developers, business and privacy leaning individuals. While there are a few Matrix clients, none have a mature, robust, or as feature rich interface as eM Client, and none integrate email.

This may be an excellent and not too difficult opportunity to expand eM Client awareness and the userbase substantially as there’s enormous free advertising via the Matrix portal, support and developer sites, and the massive face time increase of people using a popular chat protocol.

As well the feature limitations and stability issues in existing Matrix clients appear pretty nailed down in eM Client by comparison, which would make it quite popular if the protocol is not too difficult to integrate.



I think that could be a good idea. Thunderbird proposes XMPP and Matrix now so could be interesting to do the same … for people like me who switched to eM Client and want to use Matrix.

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Would be nice to have this on same level as regular chat support in eM (not necessary ‘full’ Matrix support like Element’s one)

looking forward to this one, would be awesome, and all will be catered for in the same mail application.

two years later still no Matrix integration

Yes, that would be great. I need an helpdesk asap. Any other xmpp ideas?

Our whole university is switching to a matrix based chat. So this feature would help to make em-client more popular and is needed to avoid people switching to thunderbird…