Massively slow synchronization

I have one account in eM Client, an Exchange Web Service client. Presumably this is faster than either IMAP or POP3. But, that is being faster than frozen sludge going uphill.

I have lots of messages. That is what a private, hosted Exchange account is for.

For topical folders, I put the folders on the server so that there are never local messages. Everything should sync. In a future century, it will.

I think we are on Exchange Server 2014. I can verify…

Client version: 8.2.1687 (bf522f0)

Any suggestions?

So slow it’s completely unusable. After about 24 hours when it finally finished synchronizing the account it now can’t deal with about 25 new emails on a single day.


I’m having similar issues. My Exchange email will actually sync and download but when I open an email, I either get an error message that there is no connection to the server or it takes 8-10 minutes to download the contents of the message. Heck, it even takes 3-4 minutes to send an email or delete it from the inbox. I have tried other email clients and they all work fine, so this is definitely an EM issue!

Having the same issue - for me it seems to be related to em Client synching a massive history of emails that must be on the server, and I have not found a way to control this.