Mass-removal of "NonJunk" tag or disabling this features?

I have migrated from Thunderbird and it appears that this previous mail client made liberal use of the “NonJunk” tag somehow? I’m doing my best to mitigate for that but I am curious if there’s a way for me to view all IMAP messages which have the “NonJunk” tag and clear that out of there. This tag does not seem to exist or appear in my list of tags in the system so I can’t easily search for all messages with this tag, etc.

Is “NonJunk” something built into eM Client? Is it something that is part of IMAP standards?

From scratch emClient does not flag anything (as far as I remenber…). It depends on rules you set. Maybe there are some standard rules (now) that flag your mails. You should investigate this (Menu → rules).

Are you referring to the X-Spam-Flag header?

You can create a Rule to tag all messages that have the header set to No.


Create a Rule like the above, then click on the words link in the preview.

Type in X-Spam-Flag: NO, and click on Add > OK.


Your Rule should look like this:


Click on the none link and set the tag.

There are two other headers that might be of interest as well, so you will need to find out which one works for you. As far as I now the following two headers are not always added to the message, whereas the X-Spam-Flag one is:


Typically if the message has been flagged as spam by the server it will have X-Spam: YES

I had the same problem - I think you are right that Thunderbird is adding these, but it might be Fastmail (my email provider). Anyway, I was able to remove them by creating a tag in eM Client “NonJunk” – all of the existing emails immediately belonged to this tag. I then selected all emails (it took a couple minutes) and from the tag menu, removed NonJunk while leaving the other tags untouched. I found I had a few tagged as “Spam” as well that were not spam, so I did the same thing for that tag