Mass Deploy on Corporate network / Profile file support

Is there a way to specify the serial on install with the msi ? like ISX_SERIAL or something like that so that it can be integrated into our deployment environment (

is there a way to specify the file for configurationg the user profile something like (for ex with the old thebat.exe /config J:…\config.ini) that creates all the accounts that are specified int he file could also be an xml the user just have to provide the password.

these are questions that need to be answard befor my company will consider to by the software

thx in av

Any Comment ?

Unfortunately there’re no way to inject the license to the installer at the moment. The license are stored within the database, maybe you can workaround that?

Dobry den,
je nam luto, ale toto zatial nieje realizovatelne. Uzivatelske profily ako ich popisujete mozno do buducnosti implementujeme.

are there plans to simplify the mass deploy of the emclient ?
and also the possiblity to add license to the installer ?

this is not possible at the moment but we plan to simplify the mass deploy in the near future.