Marks as spam when message is opened


How to mark a mail as spam when the mail is opened ?

Hi, this is not possible. You can only move email to junk. Spam filter is server side feature so we offer only basic one without possibility to alter it.


Ok, it were just a suggestion to make available in an email windows the exact same button we have in the mails view.

Well you can do this, when you are reading email in preview panel you can click on gray arrow next to “Move to junk” on main toolbar and select “Move to junk and blacklist email/domain” this will add it to our blacklist.

But it will not be as efficient as strong and perfectly set server spam filter.


I don’t see this in the toolbar. We have to go to action menu or do CTRL + J.
By the way, being able to customize a toolbar is a suggestion

Customizable toolbar is not planned, at least not in this version.