Marking Spam as read


Newbie here.

Is there a way of automagically marking spam as read when it is moved to the Junk folder?

I can’t edit Spam Filter rule and I can’t find a rule that allows me to operate on all messages moved to a given folder.

Thanks in anticipation

At the moment, that is not possible.

By design, messages moved to Junk are left as unread as that is the only indicator once a message has been moved there. It helps you to identify messages incorrectly identified as spam.

You can re-create the Spam filter Rule to include marking as read, but as spam filtering is usually done by your server, there is not much point.

You need an option button to allow junk to be automatically read (for those many users that want it this way).
Problem is I’m using a different program and the unread icon shows up at bottom of screen so I open email only to find out it is a message in the junk folder. That can be frustrating and a waste of time.
By adding an option then users can have it either way.

Maybe that is something you need to discuss with the people who provide that application, as eM Client does not give notifications for messages in the Junk folder.

Whilst I have, obviously, no choice but to accept your answer can you not accept that this behaviour is not necessarily what people want?

Would you not, at the very least, consider the creation of an option that automatically makes all mail moved to junk as read?

I, for one, don’t care how much stuff goes in there, not do I need to know when it has as there is so much of it.