Marking email as read when reading in the unread folder

When reading mail in unread folder they don’t get marked as read, like the settings show. Why?

The only way to mark email as read when reading it in the unread folder is to manually mark each one as read. Is there a more efficient way to do it?

No currently not. But it is already at our feature requests list at official support system.

I have the latest version and I can’t find anything new, is this fixed yet, I notice the thread is a year old already.

We did not fixed it because it is not a bug. It prevents you from accidental marking all unread messages as read.

That is all very well, why doesn’t the timer mark as read when viewed like all the other folders?

Imagine the situation when someone leave the Unread folder opened by accident, leave the computer for a while and lose all the mails after a certain time …

The simple answer is to not auto select the next message, or even any message and let the reader click them and display the message whilst marking as read.

I see what you mean but for me the unread folder is of no use as I still have to click to the actual folder to mark it read. Even marking and junk doesn’t mark it as read.

I can see your point but we would have to change the complete messages handling.
You can use Ctrl+Q for marking the selected message/s as read - that is only trick I can recommend at the moment.

Yes thanks, I tried that but there is no way to deal with junk as I can mark them as junk but not as read as well, I am back to clicking the folder with the mail in.

Gotta say - I have the exact same issue. In fact, mine goes one further. If I reply to an unread message within the standard window (in other words - I’m not double-clicking the email to open it into a separate window) then the message continues to show unread. This is killing me!

I’m thinking, if I have an email highlighted for a few seconds, it should switch to “read” because it was showing in the preview window.

At this point I basically feel the UNREAD folder is useless. I might as well just stay in the Inbox. This is not how other clients handle this issue.

It’s interesting that you guys have gone against every other mail client and decided that this is a feature. Well it’s a terrible feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting to read the replies to my original request. This ‘feature’ was the deal breaker for me. I uninstalled the program more than a year ago. I started using the gmail web interface. It seems to be working well for me. Y’all might want to give it a try, too.

June 2013, hmmm that’s funny, I just started using eMClient and I don’t even see a “Unread Folder” ? I just have an inbox with Read and Unread mails in it.

I surmise that whatever folder it’s in, you are saying it doesn’t change to “Read” after a certain amount of time. All mine have changed to read, not sure what setting I have on it yet.

What mail provider do you use? Gmail?

Oh sorry, I see now, I’m POP, don’t use online mail.

I really would like “replied to” mail to automatically show as “read”.

I agree with this request. Having to manually mark emails as read slows down dealing with them. The point of an email client should be to speed up email management, not slow it down.


this is planned for 6th version, scheduled to be released in few weeks.



Tools - Settings - mail - read, “Mark messages after displaying for … seconds” does not work for you?


Correct. When using the “Unread” smart folder, reading an email will not cause it to be marked as read, regardless of the setting in Tools - Settings - mail - read, “Mark messages after displaying for … seconds”.