Markdown compose?

I’ve been looking for a mail client that lets me compose e-mails using Markdown syntax (I don’t mean copy-paste the generated HTML from elsewhere) and, in particular, insert code snippets with syntax highlighting in my e-mails.

I thought I’d mention it here as a possible future feature.

Thanks for eM Client! Loving it so far!

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See this thread - How to write an email in markdown syntax and able to send the email through eM Client? - #2 by Anonymous

That doesn’t let me type Markdown as far as I can tell.


I don’t mean copy-paste the generated HTML from elsewhere

Airmail and MailMate have this feature.

At this time eM Client supports only plain text or HTML. Sorry

Hence the feature request :wink:

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Hence the liking of the feature request. Markdown would be wonderful, but it would have to be an option because 99% of your clients won’t want it. Furthermore, you’ll then end up with all sorts of requests to improve your markdown editor.