"Mark Read" on new email notification - feature request!

Awesome email client. The only thing I miss on the new email notification is to be able to one-click “mark read” so that I don’t have to actually open the application to mark an email read if it’s an email I’m not concerned with reading.


Hi, you can set in Tools - Settings - Mail - Read “mark messages after displaying for … seconds” to 0. Then all you need is to click on email and it should become marked as read when you click on another email.


Hi John

Yes I know that thanks.

What I meant is to be able to have a button on the new email notification windown (it has “flag” “delete” … at the moment only) so one can dismiss the notification and have a chosen email automatically “Read” by clicking a button on the notification window. Often I don’t want open the email client eM just to click through emails that I’m not interested in reading.

Hope that makes all sense.


yes, I see now what you have meant. I can’t promise it but it sounds as time saver to me.

I will mark it as under consideration and we should discuss it more. Of course other people can upvote this to show us their interest in this feature too.


Ok thanks I’ll hold thumbs :slight_smile:



I can’t believe nothing has been done about this after ALL this time!
Every time I get an popup notification of an email of which I know that I am not interested to read it, there is NO option to mark it as read straight from the popup notification. I have to everytime open eM Client, then select it to have it read, why make us do this extra unnecessary efforts?
Why not at least give us the option to have message marked as read when clicking the close(x)?!
Ideally a button for marked as read on the notification popup would be best, but at least give us some option Please!!

And I even see it’s been noted as “implemented” when it actually has NOT been. There is NO option on the email notification popup to have an email instantly marked as Read!
I can’t understand why this has never been added from the very very beginning as an feature option of the email notification popup!

Really eM, nothing??

And 7 years later still no “Mark as read” button on the notification

Pretty disappointing, not gonna lie…

I’m going to post on all the open threads about this matter and see If they notice and add this simple feature.

Paying user here (if that matters). Would especially like to see the option on Android as well. On Windows would be good too

Suggest to add your vote for Mark as read on New mail notification to the existing Sleek Plan ideas and voting page.

(Incoming mail notification button customisation / mark as read)

Ten years and still can personalize notificacion ? How is this possible ?