mark mails as "read" when deleting

When I delete a mail I would like to have marked it automatically as “read” to avoid having unread mails in the trash folder, is there any possibility?

Why do you send me so many mails. I did not ask for them. I canceled my membership.  H.J. Matussek

Hi Hans,
if you are getting email notifications from the forum that you are not associated with, please check the email notification setting here on the forum GetSatisfaction profile.
Click your name in the right upper corner here on the site and then click the Email & Notification setting and uncheck all options.


Hello Thomas,
unfortunately there is no such setting in eM Client at the moment, you can just right-click the folder when you have too many unread emails and ‘Mark all as read’ as a workaround.


Hello Olivia,

thank you for the feedback - are there any plans for implementing this function in version 7?



Hello Thomas,
this is not a considered feature for version 7 at the moment, but I’ll add it to the list of options to consider for future updates.


I would also like to see this feature, but to also include mail moved to junk folder as read.
Look forward to seeing it in a future release.

I am baffled by the fact that it is set up this way in the first place. The natural thing to do is
a) Open the Unread folder.
b) Go through it, deleting the garbage and answering or flagging the important ones.
When I highlight an unread message and hit DELETE, it needs to go away.

Temporary Fix: Hit Shift-Delete

How todo this on a balloon ?
Seems in most cases spam or unneeded mail deleted from balloon.
And then we see unread in main window when trying to read needed mail.
So – it MUST be mark as read when deleting - it’s good logic.

You can change the Mark message as read value to 0, then as soon a you click on it it will be marked as read, and will be so in the Trash.

But there is some logic behind emails in Trash and Junk not being automatically marked as read. The idea is that these emails are easily identified if you want to check that something was not mistakenly moved there.

But as you see from my comment above, I also support this idea.

Where i must set this value ?

Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read.

The only disadvantage is that the email will be marked immediately. So if you are skimming through your emails, and want to come back to unread messages later, that won’t be possible.

no - it’s no good ) - but thanks for idea.
Will wait for changing functionality of app.

Don’t plan on it happening anytime soon. Sometimes requested features are being considered for 5 years without any feedback other than it will be considered. :slight_smile:

The best option I have seen is in the other thread where you commented, and Jay said that he just regularly marks the Trash folder as read. But also if you have your Trash set to empty when you close eM Client, that also handles it quite well. Mark’s idea above of using Shift+Delete is also clever, but for me it means that extra key stroke, and of course if you do it by mistake there is no recovery.