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Please can mark as read time begin from when you click on the email, rather than from when the email finishes loading?

I have mine set to 0 seconds, because I like to have the email marked as read as soon as I click on it. However, when there is embedded content in the body, the count does not begin until the email is completely loaded, even when set to 0.

Take as an example today’s Black Friday offer from eM Client. The content that needs to be loaded from the notoriously slow site means the email takes more than a few seconds to load. So I either have to wait or manually mark the email as read. The same email viewed in Thunderbird, is instantly marked as read, even while waiting for the content to load.

This would be very helpful. Currently some emails take almost 1 minute before they’re finally marked as read and I have my read time set to 0. Also, since they aren’t marked as read when moving them to the trash I end up with a bunch of “unread” messages in the trash folder.

Hello all,

Thank you for this idea. I will add it to our feature request list so it can be considered while developing the new version/s. Other users can also support this idea by hitting the “Like” button or adding your vote in this thread.


Additionally, all deleted mails should be automatically set to read, optionally all junk mails.

Yes please, automatically mark as read when deleting.

I read somewhere on this forum that the reason for Junk not being marked as read is so that incorrectly marked junk is not over-looked. Let that still be the default, but as NoSi says, let’s have an option on Junk.

I would like to also comment that, I would like mark as read as soon as the message is click on- not after the messages has download.
The program in my thinking would then be perfect. I was using Windows Live Mail - which marked messages as read as soon as you clicked on them

Hi Russell, any idea when you will be able to implement mark as read - as soon as you click on the message. I love your program - this is my only issue - every thing else to me is perfect. I would like to use on my other computers, but this issue is stopping me. It can take more than a minute depending on where the email is coming from. Thanks again

I asked for this ages ago.  I would still find it very useful.

Yes, it is one thing I miss from Thunderbird. :wink:

Re-reading my original post, it should have been “linked content” not “embedded content”, though if it takes a while to load embedded attachments like PDFs that does affect the time also.

With version 7.33888, mark as read does not work at all for me, no matter how long you stay on the message. I have it set for 0 seconds. I am using the latest windows 10 October re release x64. Anyone else have this problem?

Yes, there is some issue with 0. Set it to 1 and it will work.

Yep, they’ve made it worse.  I wish they’d fix it as per the original request at the top of this thread.  Every other email client I’ve tried does it like that.

I actually find that the 1 second option is working better in 7.2 than it was in 7.1. Just my experience.

Marking it “read” as soon as it’s clicked on must be such a trivial thing to fix I’m surprised it hasn’t been done yet.

When this was discussed before (a few years ago) the emClient team said they didn’t want to mark an email as read until all its content had been downloaded, otherwise it might be misleading to the user because they won’t, in fact, have read it all.

I hear their argument, but disagree with it.  All the other email clients I’ve used mark as read instantly, so I think emClient is out on a limb, here.  It would be better to comply with what has become de facto standard behaviour.

(Either that, or download all the linked content when the email is received, rather than when it is read - thus avoiding the delay).

Linked content is not stored on the computer like embedded content. You can set the application to download messages for offline use, including attachments, but that is for embedded content. It does not apply to linked content. Only when you actually open the message, the linked content will be fetched from the Internet. Next time you open the message, the linked content is fetched again. That is the purpose of using linked content as it always displays the updated source from the Internet.

So this is my point for this idea; the timer should start from when you open the message, not only once all the linked content is downloaded. (My original post said embedded content, but I meant linked content.)

That’s a good point, Gary, and thank you for the correction.

So, I withdraw my comment in parentheses about pre-downloading linked content.   

I still want the timer to start from when the message is opened (as Gary says), rather than when it has finished loading the linked content.  And when the timer is set to zero, then it really is immediately marked as read.

Agreed, this is completely broken now. You have to set the time to anything but 0 to have it marked as read and it takes forever.

Please address this bug immediately!

I would never have started using this product if it worked this way when I first downloaded it.

Hi all,

Thank you for reporting this bug. The mark as read set on 0 seconds was really broken in the new 7.2 release. We fixed it and it’s now part of the newest update available at:


Thank you for fixing the bug, Russel - much appreciated.

HOWEVER, the original change request - to “mark as read” immediately rather than after linked content has been downloaded - has not been addressed.

Could you tell us whether you will accept this change request or reject it? 

Personally I can live with the current functionality, but I’d much prefer it to be changed in the way Gary requests at the top of this thread.

Thank you.