"Mark as read" takes way too long on many e mails!

I have “Mark as read” set to 0 in the settings and a lot of e mails I get take forever to be marked as read. I want all e mails marked as read the instantly after I click or open them in a new window. I remember someone from eM Client tech support saying e mails will not be marked as read until they are completely downloaded which I can understand but some of these e mails I get look like they are indeed completely downloaded and yet they still take forever to be marked as read. I have had this issue since day 1 using eM Client and it makes me so mad :frowning:

Please change the way “Mark as read” works and allow all e mails to be marked as read the instant you click on or open a new e mails even if they are not 100% downloaded.

If a user clicks on a e mail it means they tried to read it so it makes no sense why some e mails would not be marked as read instantly.

Please fix this I would even pay you guys extra money if that helped. Even though I already paid for 3 lifetime licenses.

I would be sooooooo happy if this was fixed in version 7 :slight_smile:

I also forgot to mention something.

I also noticed if I forward these same e mails that take forever to be marked as read they actually get marked as read the instant I click the forward button on them. Can someone from eM Client explain to me my these e mails can be marked as read instantly when you forward them but not when clicking on them to read?

It just makes no sense and needs to be fixed!

Also after these e mails are finally marked as read if I then manually mark them as unread again and then click on them again to read they still, are not instantly marked as read. And they should be because they must have been downloaded at this point.

This is clearer a bug that eM Client techs do not seem to want to fix :frowning:

Almost a year or so ago I even had tech support access my computer to see the issue first hand. But yet almost a year or so later nothing has changed. It seems em Client techs are saying this is by design which is very sad to hear.

daily e mails from Tigerdirect and BitsDuJour both always are never marked as read instantly just to name a few.

I only have this issue (sometimes) when receiving e-mail from 1 specific person … when I open his e-mail, I do sometimes see 3 dots horizontally moving (showing that something is being downloaded).

This downloading takes sometimes too long, and when I close that specific e-mail, it’s also not marked as ‘read’. While I did read it, but obviously not all text/images were downloaded, so that’s probably why eM Client regards it as not being read.

Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using?
Can you try to download this utility www.emclient.com/tools/emstackdump.exe and run it while the message is not being marked as read while you’re focused on the message.

The tool will generate a stack dump file, can you please send the file to mcgregor@emclient.com with a reference link to this forum topic?

Thank you,

I am using eM Client Pro Version 6.0.20899.0 but I have had this issue since I started using eM Client which was version 5. I will download that tool and e mail you the file.


Thank you for the received data, I have submitted the information to the developers for more information on why this might occur, when I get more information or a possible solution for this issue, I’ll let you know.
In the meantime you can download this recent update and check if the issue persists, http://www.emclient.com/dist/v6.0.21011/setup.msi .

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Thank you and I will download that newer build and see if it’s any better.

Most e mails I click on do get marked as read instantly. But with some e mails there is maybe a 2 second or so delay. And then with other e mails it could take what seems more then a minute sometimes to finally be marked as read. However when I forward any unread message it is marked as read instantly. So I don’t understand why what ever you are doing to make unread messages marked as read instantly when forwarding why you can not do the same for when clicking on them and opening them in new windows to read them?

When a user clicks on a message it means they meant to read it so what ever is being done for forwarding messages should also be done for when clicking on messages to read.

Nope no change with

Hi again, I believe this won’t be an issue of the mark as read feature itself, as you said yourself it works for most messages, in Hans’ case, for all except a one specific sender.
Can you please forward one of the messages that takes a long time to mark as read to my email as attachment?

Also please again include a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

E mail sent.

Hi, unfortunately I was unable to replicate the issue based on the information you’ve sent me. However I’ve forwarded the stack dump and your emails to the developers for more information regarding this issue.

Thank you,