Mark as read immediately


eM Client first completely download mail and then mark it as read.

Please make it faster so it can ‘mark as read’ without downloading the mail.

In setting mark as read is set to immediately, but it first download mail and then mark as read.

I’m using latest version of eM Client.


Hi, unfortunately the message has to be downloaded before it is marked as read and the read flag is returned to the server.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi, But if I press CTRL+Q then it ‘mark as read’ immediately without downloading. You can also add this to normal ‘Mark as read’.

Mailbird also have this feature, mail mark immediately after I click on it.


Hi again, do you have the “Mark messages read after displaying for X seconds” set to 0?
To check this setting please go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Read.

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Yes, Mark messages read after displaying is set to 0 seconds.


I have been complaining about this for ever and unfortunately eM Client seems to have no interest in fixing it. No other e mail client that I have used has this issue and all of them  can mark any message instantly as soon as you open or click on a new e mail. And I also noticed when you forward an unread e mail it is marked as read instantly. So why in the world cant they not do the same thing for when opening new e mails? Sometimes I am kind of sorry I switched to eM Client because of this mark as read issue. If this is ever fixed I will do kart wheels around my living room! :slight_smile:

eM Client please I am begging fix it or change they way it works so all e mails are marked as read the instantly you click on or open them in a new window.

Unfortunately the message has to be downloaded before the application can mark the message as read, the shortcut can force the flag to change as read, but unfortunately before the message is completely downloaded it can not be marked as read since it could not be read.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

Can this be changed then so messages do not have to be fully downloaded before they can be marked as read? And also you say messages need to be fully downloaded but then can you tell us then why after i have downloaded messages and when I mark them as “unread” and then click on them again it once again takes forever for these same e mails to be marked as read again? Why would that be if they were all ready downloaded? I love eM Client trust me I really do :slight_smile: but this marked as read issue drives me and a lot of other user nuts and I hate the fact that a lot of e mails take like 2 plus minutes sometimes until they are finally marked as read.

Why do you have to be different then every other e mail client in this area?
It just makes no sense to me and is a bad decision by eM Client to design it this way.

Should I start a poll and if we get 100 votes would that help?

Hi again as I previously stated, eM Client can not mark the message as read before it’s actually downloaded from the server - that would make no sense, since the user was not able to actually read it in the application yet, you can force to send the “read” flag to the server using the shortcut or “Mark all messages as read”. I’m not completely sure what you’re referring to, if you have a message downloaded, mark as read/unread works immediately using a shortcut or while using the “mark message as read after 0 minutes” setting, if you’re experiencing an issue with this setting and you’re able to replicate it, please send me an email to [email protected].

If you’d like to change the application to force the read flag immediately, you can start an idea topic and if the user feedback is sufficient, we’ll be happy to consider improving the feature in it’s future updates.

Thank you for understanding,

Shortcut is what I am talking about.

What I mean is after some messages are fully downloaded. And then for “testing purposes” I were to mark it as “unread” with right click shortcut and then right after that open the same message it is not marked as read instantly. The message clearer was fully downloaded already so why would it not be mark as read this time?

Also I am using pop e mail if that makes any difference.

Hi again, POP accounts do not synchronize read/unread flags with the server, so you should be able to mark the message as read immediately. Does it get marked if you switch between this message, another one and back to the original message? As the message does not have to be immediately marked as read if you’ve just mark it as unread (so, you have an actual chance to move to another email and keep the original as unread).

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No it does not get marked as read when switching between messages. It only finally gets marked as read after being either highlighting the message or opened up in a window for like 2 plus minutes or so. The only way I can get these messages marked as read instantly is either by a shortcut or Forwarding the unread message. Also if I use read all messages in plain text setting it allows all messages to be marked as read the instantly I open or click on them. However I do not like using plain text option because I like seeing pictures in my e mails.

I hope I am explaining this right for you :slight_smile:


Here is a comparison between em clinet and mailbird client.

em client take long time to ‘mark as read’ a single mail.


Hi again, as I previously stated we believe marking message as read before it’s actually downloaded is not a user friendly feature, as seen in the video the message is being downloaded before it’s marked as read. Thank you for your suggestions to improve the feature, we’ll consider our options and improvement for future releases.

Thank you,

Hi Paul that’s fine and all and I totally agree with you that if a message is not fully downloaded it should not be marked as read. But what about my issue where the messages have already been downloaded? I mean come on you have to agree that this is a bug/flaw in eM Client and must be fixed?

And like I said no other e mail client has this issue when using pop e mail.

@ Kewl HeliOs

Are you using POP E mail like me?

Hi Superman,

Can it be that in those e-mails which are not immediately ‘marked as read’, are links to images on the internet?

I also sometimes get e-mails from 1 person, which take also long to get loaded, so it takes a long time before those e-mails are automatically  ‘marked as read’ when I’ve opened them in a separate window.

I’m using POP3 by the way.

Maybe if you open such a previously downloaded, but marked on purpose as ‘unread’ e-mail, that e-mail will again try to download some image from the internet, which takes time, which causes the e-mail not to be ‘marked as read’ immediately after opening that e-mail?

I don’t know about POP.

How to find out about POP?

Hi Hans and Paul,

Well all the messages that are not marked as read do have images in them. So I guess it is possible what you are saying is the reason for this. So what is the solution for this issue then? As I have said time and time again all other e mail clients do not suffer from this issue only eM Client does. So Paul can you tell me what all the other e mail clients are doing to allow these kind of messages to be marked as read instantly? And what changes could be made to eM Client to be able to do the same? Or am I going to need to start looking for a new e mail client :frowning:

And the thing I just do not understand is how come if I forward these unread messages they are always marked as read instantly? Why can this same thing just be enabled for when opening e mail too?

Paul you can be honest with me and tell me flat out if this will ever be fixed or changed the way Mark as read works so I can move on and stop what looks like a losing battle :frowning:

It’s sad that I paid for 3 unlimited licenses and I have to always deal with this annoying bug!

Thanks for listing guys and am not angry even if it seems that way I am just really disappointed that eM Client can’t do something that is a standard thing in every other e mail client.

Have a good day :slight_smile:


Can you add a button on main toolbar for ‘Mark all messages as read’?