Mark As Read/Archive via notification

I noticed that the notification only has options for reply, flag or delete. It would be great if we could customize those to change it to “Archive” or “Mark As Read” for those who focus on the client being used for gmail.

I agree. As others have also expressed this need, I also request “Mark as Read” as an option.

Ah yes my exact issue, I post 4 years ago asking for this. You know what they did … they marked my feature request as implemented, yet they did NOT implement it. Rediculous!
I’ve just reposted about this… here …

And my original post 4 years ago where theyt actually marked it as “implemented”!! I’m so frustrated with this and actually ready to move to another email client!

And 4 years later still no “Mark as read” button on the notification

Pretty disappointing, not gonna lie…

I’m going to post on all the open threads about this matter and see If they notice and add this simple feature.

Please don’t do that. One post is enough.

There is no point in repeating the same thing over and over, and resulting in many threads discussing the same issue. That just dilutes, rather than emphasises the importance you might place on it.

Chiming in to say that this would be really helpful. I don’t need to flag emails nearly as often as I’d like to Archive them when they arrive!

I’m glad I found this forum post. I won’t be purchasing a license until this feature is added.