manually setup exchange server settings


I need this software to allow me to setup Exchange in the same way I would using a phone, or Outlook… ie, I need more fields than email address, username, and password.  Autodiscover won’t work due to infrastructure3.

Is there a way to do this?  If not, will there be? 
My organization is looking for a replacement to Outlook however IMAP or POP are out of the question entirely.

I can find no pert of the emClient that allows me to manually setup the Exchange account information. 

Please provide any info!

Thank you

Hello, unfortunately it is not possible to setup your Exchange account manually using your server address and other settings, you can only use the automatic or the semi-automatic setup that allows you to use authenticate with servers using domain names.

Use domain\username if you need to authenticate using a domain name, other options are not currently available. Configure your auto discover preferences on your server in order to setup the account with eM Client using EWS.


Thanks Paul!
Is this a feature that may be added in the future?