Manually setup an Office365/Exchange account without autodiscovery

I need to manually configure an Office365 account in eM Client 7 because in my company there are both Offce365 Exchange and IMAP/POP Aruba mailboxes and the autodiscovery is configured to setup POP mailboxes.
So when I put my email address (Office 365 mailbox) even if I select Mail -> Exchange eM Client setup a pop account and I got an “[AUTH] Authentication failed” message.

Of course I need to configure it as Exchange account (mail, calendar, contact, …) not an IMAP or POP.

If I select Mail -> Other the only options are IMAP and POP.

Can you please help?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello Domenico,

When adding an account in Menu > Tools > Accounts > Add account do not use the Auto Setup but use the second row: “Mail” and choose Exchange. Then you should be able to set an Exchange account correctly.


Hello Russel,
thans for your answer, but I already tried to select “Menu > Tools > Accounts > Add account >Mail > Exchange”, but after wrote the email address it does the autodiscovery and still setup a POP account (because of the settings wrote above).
I need to force the server address or, at least, to force the type as Office365 for wich the settings are quite the same for all of companies that use it. (server:


Hello Domenico,

You can still try the Menu > Tools > Accounts > Add Account > Mail > Other and configure it manually. In case it doesn’t help, you would probably have to turn to your server admin regarding the server settings so it allows the autodiscovery to set the Exchange protocol.


I’ve just got the same results with Exchange 2019 Standard installed with all default settings. Everything works fine, test iPhone configured new mailbox via Autodiscover properly, Outlook 2016 and 2019 configured new mailbox via Autodiscover properly.
All tests on Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer also succeeded. It was me who installed the Exchange so I am sure Exchange Autodiscover works OK.
The only thing which does not work is emClient. I receive POP and IMAP detection only, this is incorrecct for Exchange server.

Does it work with the manual setup?

unfortunately no, that was the second step I tried.

I am afraid some new feature in both O365 and Exchange 2019 is not compatible with emClient – like OAuth or Negotiate Windows Authentication.



Is there any way how to turn any verbose logging on in emClient?

oAuth is certainly possible. I have an server setup in that way using the manual Exchange setup option.

Verbose logging can be enabled in Menu > Settings > Advanced.

The problem is OAuth is not working on Exchange 2019 but it is there because of possible hybrid scenario.

It seems logging is useless in my case. It does not provide any information about Autodiscover process. emClient started with no mail account configured. I tried to configure Exchange account manually. POP3 server authentication error appeard (because the Exchange does not have POP3 or POP3S enabled).

Two log files created. The first one full of Reminder exceptions. The second one named 2021-01-15_11-10-42 Auth.log contained only these lines:

ReacquireCredentials[******@***********.***](POP3 Příjem, [AUTH] Authentication failed.)
ReacquireCredentials[******@***********.***](POP3 Příjem, [AUTH] Authentication failed.)
ReacquireCredentials[******@***********.***](POP3 Příjem, [AUTH] Authentication failed.) = false

I suggest trying it with someone else’s Exchange server (Microsoft offers free accounts on and seeing that it does work, then figuring out what you have done on your own server that causes it to fail.

Radek, you also need to realize that this is a user supported forum, so we are all just fellow users here. The type of problem solving you are discussing is best done with the company. For that you will need a Pro License and can open a support ticket directly with them.

Maybe you are doing something wrong. After selecting the account to log in advanced settings you need to restart eM Client. After it has completed the initial sync, there should be a file for POP3 or EWS for the Exchange server as well.

Thanks, I know. I was just hoping I wasn’t the first user with these troubles.

I also tested other Exchange installations (Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016) and there were no problems with the autodiscover process.

Anyway thanks for your help.

In past years Exchange issues were not discussed much on the forum. Either that means there weren’t many, but probably it was because they were with business users and were discussed directly with the company.

Hopefully others, especially those who are evaluating eM Client with Exchange, can comment more frequently and share their issues here. Among Free License users, the most common experience with Exchange will most likely be with providers like, and we hope that being a Microsoft company they have their server optimally configured, so these issues may not come up.

If you do discover a solution to your issue, it would be useful to hear back from you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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