Manually Marking All Messages As Read

Hello All,

I seem to be having a small issue with the way eM Client marks messages as read. It’s really no big deal and other than this small issue I LOVE eM Client! :slight_smile:

The issue I have relates to messages and when/if they get marked as read. (I am using eM Client to connect to my Gmail account using IMAP.)

Let’s say I get a new email. In my Inbox the new email is bold indicating that it’s not read. On the left side where it says “Unread” and also “All Mail” there is a black square indicating that there are unread messages in those folders:


Several seconds after clicking/navigating to the new email message the text changes from bold to normal indicating that the message is read and the indicator next to the “Unread” folder goes away.

The problem is, the unread indicator next to “All Mail” doesn’t go away even after like 15 seconds.

I find myself constantly having to right-click on the “All Mail” folder and select “Mark all Messages As Read”, then after  a second or two the unread indicator finally goes away.

Is there a reason why, whenever em Client detects that I have read a new message, it doesn’t update my “All Mail” folder? Does it just take a little more time and, if I wait long enough, will the indicator eventually go away?

Thank you,


P.S. One other quick question… is there a way to change the timeout period for marking messages as read? I.e. how long after selecting a message does em Client decide that it has been read?

Hi Jan, this issue is unfortunately due to the All Mail folder, which is synchronized after clicking on it, you don’t even have to use the “Mark all messages as read” just open the folder and the items will be synchronized.
The folder has information there’s been an unread email received but another sync is performed after reopening eM Client or after opening the folder, so there’s unfortunately no way how to get rid off this behavior at the moment.

You can setup the period for marking messages as read in the settings in Tools > Settings > Mail > Read > Mark messages read after displaying for X seconds.

Hope this helps,