Manually added account not displayed on the left bar

Hello dear community,
I have several automatically configured accounts in eM Client. They work properly.
Now I need to manually configure new account. I click on Mail>Other>Next
On the next window I cannot configure PORTS. I only enter the server type, login, password and finish.
After clicking the finish button new account displayed in the Accounts window (

Thereafter I configure ports on the IMAP/SMTP tabs. And click OK button.
But new account not displayed on the left bar

Automatically added accounts works fine. But manually added not displayed on the left bar.
Can someone help?

Are you using a Free License? If so you can only have two email accounts. The others will not connect, so will not be displayed in the side-bar.

I use Pro licence. As you can see on screenshots I have more than 2 accounts.
The problem is only with manually added account

I can’t see the screenshots, and am not about to click on a link to some unknown site see them either. Please paste your images directly into your comments, don’t link them to another site. If the image is deleted from the other site, then your post may not make any sense.

If automatically added accounts work fine, then why do you need to configure them manually?

One thing you can check though is your settings. For IMAP use port 993 and set the security policy to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

Maybe better to open a support ticket with eM Client then. They will be able to assist you further.