manual set up ports for a gmail account

I can’t seem to manually set up a gmail account.  There is no option to setup ports.  How do you do it?

Hello David, the ports are detected automatically using the autodiscover preferences on your server, all you need to know is the server address of your mail server depending on what kind of service you want to setup with the account. The port numbers can be additionally adjusted in your account settings.

However note that Gmail has implemented OAuth feature and made it a standard for authenticating with Google accounts - this authentication standard is not required for setting up your mail services , however would be required for use with your Calendar and Contacts services, authenticating with the server using this option is more secure and also quite fast to setup, just use the automatic setup with eM Client to setup the account using OAuth.

Hope this helps.

The “Auto” setup seems to default to IMAP and also wants to access both Google calendar and contacts, both of which I do not want.  After messing around in the manual mode, I found that if I ignored the “Fix” section (which did not work) and just continue, that after that process I could manually select the correct ports and other settings.  The manual settings feature is minimal and should be overhauled to actually be a manual setting feature.

I’m glad you were able to setup the account, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application.

Current manual setup is still automatized since we’d like to ease the account setup as much as possible, the auto-discover preferences on your mail server allow us to detect the correct server settings such as your ports or the security policy automatically. If needed settings can be later adjusted, in most cases however it’s not needed.