Manual Archiving failure

I started using EM client two days ago, Monday 26 February 2018. I have successfully transferred about 1,400 inbox messages from Windows Live Mail to EM Client. I have a problem with the Manual Archiving facility. It starts downloading with no problem as shown by the operations screen but then stops and the following error message is shown :
[IMAP] Unable to download message ‘message header’ in folder “Inbox”. ([UNAVAILABLE] UID Fetch Server error while fetching messages)
Is there a way of continuing with the archiving and ignoring problem messages?

The messages that you transferred from WLM to eM Client, were they on your server and synced with WLM, or were they stored locally in WLM?

How did you transfer them to eM Client?

Hi Gary. Thanks for your reply. I think the messages were stored both on the email server and on my own desktop and synced with WLM. I have a Sky email account.

I used the facility offered when downloading eM Client to transfer the messages from WLM.


Why I asked is because it appears that the messages that are being archived are not complete. It might be a chore, but can you check if you can view these emails that you are trying to archive?

Of course I could be completely wrong, but usually if you are able to view a message it should archive OK.

As far as I can tell all messages are complete but some are taking much longer to download than others.

I wonder if there is one that can’t be opened that is causing the problem.

I’ve used the search facility to retrieve 9 messages with the same message header as given in the error message and they are all readable so at the moment I’m stumped!

If you move those messages to another folder that will not be archived, can you successfully complete the manual archive function?

I’ve moved those messages to a Misc folder and repeated the Manual Archiving. There was a further message error which didn’t stop the archiving but then another message error which did stop the archiving before completion. I moved those messages to Misc and repeated the archiving operation and there was a similar failure. Eventually after moving more messages, I completed the manual archiving. Very time consuming! All the messages I moved to Misc, I could open. The manual archiving would be smoother if it could isolate messages it has a problem with without it stopping the archiving operation. 

I have two further problems but I will set up separate posts to describe those.

Glad you got it sorted.

Yes, it would be good if the process just skipped messages it had a problem moving, with some notification after archiving.

OK. I completed the manual archiving but now find that, for large numbers of the messages, I can see only the message header and not the body of the message.

Is there a way to restore the full messages?

If the complete message was not there when it was imported from WLM, there is nothing you can do.

You best bet is to go back to WLM and see how they appear there.

I’ve now checked and the messages are complete in WLM. I think the messages were complete when they were loaded in to eM Client and may have lost the body of the messages when they were manually archived which, as we’ve discussed above, was not completed without errors.

Is it possible to reload just the archived messages from your server?

Normally when archiving, the messages are moved from the server to a local folder. After that they are no longer on the server so they cannot be reloaded.

That you still have the messages in WLM, means you can import them directly into eM Client. Go to Menu > File > Import > WLM. You can then import them to local folders, and then manually move them to your Archive folder.

Thanks. Job done. I’ve moved the whole of the WLM inbox to Local Folders Inbox in eM Client. I will correct the Archive Inbox from this file.