Managing calendar resources such as meeting rooms or projectors


I’ve installed “Baikal” as a CardDAV / CalDAV server on my Synology DS111. And I’ve been using “Em Client” as a client on my windows PC.

In the calendar management of “Em Client” I can add to meeting deadlines different people from your address book or just certain resources, such as meeting rooms or projectors etc. Now my question. How do I create here at all those resources? Are these simple contacts, that will be created in the contacts management?

And most importantly, how does the free / busy management? Do I have to assign each contact and resource a fictitious email address or, as I have already read some extent there is a free / busy URL. How exactly should this e-mail address or the free / busy URL look just below the Baikal installation on the DS111?

I could’nt find anything useful in Google to this question. Maybe someone can help me in this forum.

Thank you, Frank Baumann

I’m not quite sure if I understand the issue you’re having.
Can you please specify what you’re trying to achieve?

Thank you,