Managesieve causes sync errors

Hi there,

I’m setting up a new mail server (postfix/dovecot/roundcube/managesieve) and have some issues - eMClient detects the sieve directory as a mail folder then fails since it can’t open it like a maildir - giving me an error message and not receiving emails for that account/server combo.

Error message is:

[IMAP] Cannot open folder “/dovecot.sieve”. (NO [SERVERBUG] Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for more information. [2023-04-30 19:26:39] (0.001 + 0.000 secs).)

Server syslog gives me:

Apr 30 19:26:39 localhost dovecot: imap(xxxx@lxxxxxxx)<13533>: Error: stat(/var/vmail/xxxxxx/xxxx/.dovecot.sieve/tmp) failed: Not a directory

(real details obscured with xxxx)

The trouble is, .dovecot.sieve is a file, not a directory - so I can’t even do a maildirmake on it to fix the error.

In Thunderbird (my other email app) I can chose which folders to subscribe to and, once I set the various sieve folders to unsubscribe, they don’t show up at all and sync works normally.

The various folders are set to ‘hide’ in eMc but that doesn’t seem to exlclude them from the sync process - which fails every time and doesn’t sync any mail

I tried removing the server/email combo and re-adding it but that didn’t seem to help.

So, ideally, some sort of folder unsubscribe mechanism would be really good because, as-is, eMc isn’t going to be usable with the new setup.

I may have found a workaround - by default the managesieve script is stored as .dovecot.sieve

Unfortunately, dovecot presents that as a mail folder - mail clients that are aware of managesieve ignore them but sadly eMc doesn’t :frowning_face:

By editing the /etc/dovecot/conf.d/90-sieve.conf you can change the default sieve filename (in my case, to dovecot.sieve), restart dovecot and eMc will, after an account delete/re-add sync again with no errors.

So there is a workaround but it would be nice if eMc allows manual subscribe/unsubscribe to mail folders rather than me having to make a global action that affects all the domains a users on the server.

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