management of Google contacts

Hi you all,
I have some issues with the management of the contacts:

  • I don’t want “Coworkers” and “My Contacts” Labels/folders. It is empty everywhere, but I can’t delete them.
  • Each modification I do, I receive an error message, which is the one of the photo. Even if I am renaming the name of someone!!

Thank you in advance

Go to Gmail via the browser.

Then click the “Settings” cog wheel up on the right.

Next click “Labels” along the top and scroll down to “Labels” section down near the bottom part of the page.

Then find your label you no longer require and there is a “Remove” option on the far right.

Go to Google Contacts via in your browser and there is a “Labels” section down on the left where you can delete any old label contacts. Then close and re-open EM Client and click “Refresh” at the top and problem should be gone.

Sry ignore this 1st post about going to Gmail and deleting labels to fix that Google Contacts issue, as that was actually a solution for deleting Gmail mail folders if you have issues with deleting those in EM Client. My Mistake. For some reason i cannot delete this 1st post. No delete option.

My second post “Go to Google Contacts” online below is the correct post.

Hi, cyberzork, thank you for your answers but unluckily I didn’t solve.

  1. categories are EM CLIENT categories. Not google. In google they are not even available.

  2. the error still continue. It is extremely annoying. Can a programmer help me?

The categories/folders in eM Client Contacts are the labels used by Google Contacts.

If you have empty labels in Google that you do not want to be synced with eM Client, just delete them in the Google Contacts web interface. You want to click on each label in the web interface and check if there are contacts there. If there are, you can remove the labels from them. Going forward, new contacts created especially on your phone, may have the My Contacts label. You might want to see if the phone app, or other application that is syncing with those contacts, has any configuration for that so it creates them without labels. 

Something that may also help is to remove that Google account from eM Client, then add it again after removing the labels in the web interface. 

Hi you all, first of all thanks again.

Anyway, as I wrote, these categories ARE NOT created by Google.
I show you:



So if that eg: Coworkers folder was created under EM Client Local Folders / contacts down the bottom left in EM Client, you can just “right click” that folder and delete it on the menu.

Are you saying you cannot delete your local contact folders ?

It was a system folder created by Google Contacts, and in the old version of Google Contacts, you could remove that label. Seems they have now removed the option, but eM Client still has it.

In eM Client beta 8 My Contacts has changed to Contacts, but the other labels are still there and can’t be deleted either.

If you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket with eM Client. I am sure they will have some explanation, or will be able to pass it on to the developers if it is a bug.

Yes, I came to the same conclusion, I’m still evaluating eM client passing my time home for a while now trying different clients to see the one I like best, found a partial workaround, delete the account from eM make sure Coworkers is actually a label in my Gmail online account and then reinstall the account in eM that seems to stop one of the problems I was having which was a failure to sync any changes back to Gmail online.

In the version 8 beta of eM Client, if you try to delete the Coworkers folder, then you get the same error you gave above.

I just submitted a support ticket about this so let’s see if there is a solution.

They are not in the local folders. They are under GOOGLE ones.
Thank you Gary for the ticket

eM Client Support responded that “this is a server side folder and this seems to be a bug on google’s side.” 

My only solution to prevent the error is to remove the Google account from eM Client, then add it again. Afterwards, whatever you do, don’t click on or try to delete the Coworkers folder. Everything should run smoothly.

Thank you Gary, you are so kind!


I had another reply from eM Client Support, in which they claim the error is correct behavior. An oxymoron or what?

ahhaha, so funny! Well, I started to did not use it. If they are happy in that way…