MalwareBytes Threat Detected

The latest scan of my computer by Malwarebytes has quarantined an entire folder of eM Client:

C:\Users\Steven M. Kaplan\AppData\Roaming\eM Clinet New\a0fe06fb-e668-4cad-a9b2-b14fe14b820e

The malware is listed it as:

Malwarebytes detects these files to protect customers from zero-day malware.

Has anyone else had this issue?

That is very strange something is quarantined in eM Client. Could be just Malwarebytes thinks it is a problem but may not be at all so a eg: False Positive. Might just need to be included in the Malwarebytes whitelist.

Suggest to also contact Malwarebytes via their forum or contact page for advice.

(Malwarebytes page on MachineLearning/Anomalous.100)

I allowed Malwarebytes to quarantine the suspect folder - I then rebooted the computer and re-ran eMClient.

So far, eMClient is running with no problems, so I will see what happens on tonight’s scan.

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viernes 07 octubre 2022 :: 1611hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @smkcpa

I run Malwarebytes and have never had any file/folder flagged by MWB anywhere in eMC, as @cyberzork says it is strange.
You do not say the version of MWB you are using, there are configuration differences between the versions, I have Premium 4.5.14
You should contact support at MWB they are good an will help and if this is a false positive they will want to know.

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I am running the same version as you - 4.5.14

If tonight’s scan flags eMClient again, I will send a report to MalwareBytes.