Making unread messages more visible

Using the new version 9 which I am liking. The avatars for each person/email is nice, but it does leave one thing less obvious. Unread messages are just signaled by a tiny little dot that is hardly noticeable. I frequently will mark messages as unread so I know to go back to them later which could be days or weeks later. In version 8 this worked well because they could be easily seen, in version 9 however less so.

You can change the color of the little flag next to them, but it is also too small to be useful next to the large avatar icons. When you select a message to read the line for that message gets highlighted in light gray. Could you provide a customization to the theme so the unread messages could be turned another color so they stand out more?

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As a suggestion: I archive all my read messages and just leave in the inbox the unread ones. Just my personal preference.

My unread messages appear in bold type, so they are easy to distinguish from the those that are read.

In version 8 the bold type was all that was needed, but in version 9 with the large circular avatar icons, the bold type just isn’t as special with all the other text that also appears (subject, 1st line of the email, etc.) It isn’t impossible, just not as “LOOK AT ME” as it used to be in version 8 is all.

Removing the Avatar and any other unneeded columns improved things for me… play with it and see if it helps you.

It is also possible your monitor is not properly calibrated, so you don’t see enough distinction been bold and not bold.

Are you using the default Modern Theme, or something else?

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I actually like the avatar as it makes the distinction between emails easier to look through.

I see the bold just fine it just isn’t impressive in the sea of emails. Yeah using the default theme other than trying to change the color of that tiny little dot to red to see if that helps make them stand out more.

This is how it looks now. Yes I’ve blurred out a bit, but basically this is how difficult it is to see the bold text and little red dot right now. Can you quickly find the unread message while scrolling down a long list of email like this?

Verses with the feature I’m requesting, the ability to just add some color to unread messages like this:


Still might be worth seeing if removing them enhances your experiences. No harm in trying…

Oh I know it will be usable because that is how it looked in Version 8 and I was perfectly fine with that. But I like the Avatar of this Version 9 and would like to continue using it.

As this is a feature request part of the forum, I’m just requesting a feature :slightly_smiling_face: Just something that would be helpful for ease of viewing.

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OK, hopefully your request is handled in the future

Yours only seems to be boldfacing the sender, whereas mine boldfaces the entire index preview and it’s easy for me to see new messages.
Screenshot - 06_05_2022 , 20_52_58

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@Ultranoob’s is also bold, but because of the theme in use, the colour may not be the best to see the distinction.

@Ultranoob can you change back to the default Modern Theme and see if the difference is more visible?

I do see the couple other changes I made, I like to see the scroll bars all the time and stuff like that, but other than that my theme that I took screen shots of is exactly the same as the Modern Default as far as the text looks, color, etc. The text is bold like you noticed, but being lighter gray it isn’t really noticeable just like in the screen shots I shared.

SixtiesFan’s screen shot showing it all bold would help a bit, but I want to reiterate I’m not looking for tech support here. I’m requesting a feature. People that don’t want to use it can just leave the color white in their theme, but it would be nice if we could chose the color of an unread message like I show in the ‘requested’ screenshot above.

It is not possible to change that. Sorry.

Yes I know it is not currently possible to change that… hence the feature request :grinning:

Which I might add that after posting this I found multiple threads asking for this very thing. So… :wink: