Making the "to" column display ONLY the account email address?

In older versions (or at least on my last install) including a “To” column in my inbox would display one of two things for each email: my gmail accound address, or my ISP account address. This was good, it let me know to which of my two email addresses the email was addressed to.

For example,

Now for some reason, in addition to these I also see my full name, the name of other peoples mail lists, other peoples email addresses if it was a group emial, you name it.

For example,
-John Smith
-Adam; John; Sam
-“John Smith”
-Paris Tour Programm Mail List;;

You can see how this is annoying. All I want it to display is the email account which got the email, not the damn name/title tag that the sender allocated it.

Anyone know how I can fix this or whats gone wrong?

I would suggest you using column “Account” instead of “To” for your purposes. It will display exactly what you need I think.