Making Re: counting syntax configurable

Some of my colleagues uses eMclient and theirs answers have subjects cluttered with the Re[X]: in the subject where  X counting up the reply count to eMclient sent in this thread. This is annoying. Various clients are not able to handle this cleanly. I suggest to avoid such a syntax at all. But AFAIK (after some searching the Internet) this is not configurable, is it?
Could some help me on this or I’m totally wrong?

You can change the way eM Client quotes the subject in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Replies and Forwards.

That will only affect how you reply, not how you see replies coming from others. You will need to change the settings on each of their computers to avoid receiving messages with this subject format.

Ok, that’s just the prefix which is used by eMclient. What I meant is the annoying counting of Re shown in brackets. If other mail clients respond to such messages something like this may appear:

Subject: Re: Re[3]: [TUAdmins] Redhat Lizenzen

What does this counting serve? It doesn’t add any useable and relyable information, instead it breaks other client’s logic to recognize Re: in a proper way … :frowning:

Right, so you have a choice. Don’t choose Re:[3]. 

It’s not the question of choice. A recipient should be bothered with any kind of choice in regards of cleaning up strange subjects. It would be far better to remove the this type of generation on the root, namly in eMclient (by option). My question was or is: is this possible to disable it somehow? If not, it would be nice to take it as feature request … how can this be done?

“It would be far better to remove the this type of generation on the root, namly in eMclient (by option).”

Yes, I already said it is possible. Just select Re:

Choice means options. You can’t say it is not a matter of choice, and then ask for an option. 

But the options are there.

  1. You can have the standard version that was used for years by other email clients:

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:  (how ridiculous is that?)

  1. You can have a new version which substitutes the number of Re:s with numbers, so

Re: [5] (Saves space as the subject is restricted in length, and sometimes there are so many Re:s in the subject you can’t actually see the subject.)

  1. Or you can have eM Client remove all the Re:s and just have


Whatever you prefer, it is there. 

Oh nice, haven’t realize that this is a pull-down option.
Option 1. is not an option, it’s in fact a failure by some mail-client. All mail clients should recognize the Re: to prevent prefixing it again. The problem is localization of Re: (which should be done either) which gives us such nice subjects like “Re: AW: RE: …” That’s plain dumb to localize such fixed shortcuts. :frowning:
“Other email clients” are doing this, yes, as we all know MS derived programs and GUIs which try to be an email client but they won’t.

Hi, one of my colleagues has started using eM Client, and their replies have Subject: Re[2]: so I searched online and found this thread.

Could you please remove this option from the eM Client software? The standard format to use is 'Re: ’ and if different clients use different things it creates a lot of noise in the subjects. (Re: RE: AW: Re[5]: subject)

The email standard, RFC 5322 section 3.6.5 says "only one instance of the literal string “Re: " ought to be used since use of other strings or more than one instance can lead to undesirable consequences.”

If you would like to continue to provide some indicator in the mail client about the depth of a thread you can probably do so by counting msgids in the References: header. This would have the advantage of working well even when receiving email from other email clients.

If there is somewhere else I should be filing this as a bug report please let me know. Thanks!