Make URLs clickable

How do I make URLs (in incoming messages) clickable? The URL is blue, as though it is a link, but it is not clickable. I’m using Windows 10.

In another thread, Filip from eM Client recently explained why some links are not clickable. Maybe that is what your are experiencing.

If it is all links, can you maybe give an example of the link that is not working? To do that, right-click on the link in the message and choose Copy Link Address.

The message body only contains the following:

In the email, it is blue like the above link but not underlined and it is not clickable.

In your post above it is not clickable either, whether viewed in Chrome or Firefox. I pasted into Notepad++, which I have open all the time, and it is not clickable either. So it is not just eM Client that doesn’t like it.

It does work if you just paste it directly into the address bar in your browser though.

Guess you have to just accept that address as an exception and manually copy it from the message to your browser.

If you change the address from https to http, then it does work in eM Client, Chrome and Firefox. 


In another message the link was clickable, so it must have been something about the way the specific link was copied to the email message. For now, I’m going to consider the issue resolved.