Make unread email stand out more

Is there a way to make unread emails stand out more visibly with a different color or something?

At the moment there are no options to change how they appear, so just the default orange dot, and the text in bold.


But there other ways to view unread messages, like using the Unread Favorite Folder rather than the Inbox. The only messages you see there are unread.

I never noticed that folder before. Ok

Hi Gary- the Unread Favorite Folder displays all unread mails from all the accounts configured in eM Client. Is there a way to configure it such that I can only see the unreads of the Gmail account I want to and not all?

You can create your own search folder to do just that.

For Folder, just select the Inbox of the account you want to use.

Search folders do not display an unread count like the Favorites Unread Folder though.

Thanks for the workaround mate but I would like to have a view of the unread count which unfortunately is not supported by Search Folders :frowning:
Can I submit a feature request on Unread Favorite Folder to point to a particular account I want to rather than all?

You can. Just create a new post and use the Feature Request category.

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