Make settings windows resizeable / Auto-resize height to avoid vertical scrollbar?

As I noticed the settings window(s) are not resizeable.

Could you make the resizeable?

Even better: Could you auto-resize them so that no vertical scrollbar is necessary/shown?

Thank you


Hi, I’m sorry, there are currently no plans to make settings windows resizeable. Possibly sometime in the future.

The vertical scrollbar in messages badly needs to be increased in width. As is, it’s impossible to hit on higher resolution screens. It’s a real frustration in using the otherwise wonderful eM Client software.

FYI: Microsoft has a registry key for web pages to adjust the width (it’s described at:

So please, in the next update to the eM Client, add a registry key for this

Ah, I see there’s a fix that helps: update the in-use theme. Search for scrollbar in the community forum to find it. You want to use the system-provided scrollbar width. Not great but much better than the eM Client’s very narrow default.

Yes the “Classic or System” themes have default wide scroll bars.

There is even a custom made “Modern” theme been created by one of the forum users “Orenji” on the eM Client Themes page as well as other cool custom user created themes.