Make reminders more prominent

Is there any way that calendar reminders could be made more prominent? Or an option to keep the reminder window on top of all others. I realize that this would not be desired by everyone but I find that the reminders window often ends up behind others and I have missed appointments due to this.

unfortunately there’s no setting for this, the reminders window will be displayed on top of eM client when it’s active, but if another application is active and is on top of eM Client, it will only be displayed in the background.
However you should also be notified by an icon in the tray for new reminders.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately this is not really very helpful, but does match what I have been seeing. The whole point of setting reminders is that I do not need to consult my calendar all the time and keep eM Client active. If these open behind active applications then it is not so useful to me - if I choose to set a reminder then it is because I consider it an important enough event to interrupt my normal workflow, i.e. something that I do not want to miss. I should not have to check the tray for calendar reminders!

Please could you consider improving this functionality?

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Hi again Nick, unfortunately the current behavior is due to some system limitations, applications are not allowed to take focus or popup on top of other windows.
That’s why there are other kind of notification types, flashing icon, sound etc.

Thank you for understanding,