make mail addres vip

I have 3-4 partner’s mail addresses, which I use more often than others. Is there a way to make this addresses VIP ?

You could assign a category to them to distinguish them from the rest.

How are you hoping that making them VIP will change the way you use them?

I want to be “as close as possible to me” to choice it quickly.

Other than assigning a category to separate them, there is really no way to do that in eM Client. If you assign a category, then you would need to sort your contacts by category for them to more visible as separate.

When you are composing a new email, as soon as you start typing in the name or address, you will be given all possible matches so they will show up like that, but there is no way to have your VIPs at the top of the list.

I can’t think of any other way you could do this, sorry.

Thank you, Gary.
How I start typing first letters and choice tha address. And that will be.

Yes, typing a few letters of the name or email address in the To field when composing an email, will offer you some choices. This does not have to be the start of the name or email address, so anywhere in those fields will work like part of the surname or part of the email address like The Nickname field also works, but fields like Company don’t.