Make it easier to set meeting date with mouse

I frequently use the “create meeting from message” feature. I could go on and on about ways to improve it (Gmail does a really good job at creating calendar events from an email), here’s just one change that I think would be simple to implement.

As it is now, entering the date is great (date picker FTW), but entering the time is a pain! To set a meeting time, I have to do a lot of switching back and forth between keyboard and mouse…or else do a lot of clicking (to switch fields, then more to adjust the time by way of the up/down arrows). I can type in a time, but this also takes a while, since I need to keep jumping from the number keys to the arrow keys.

Suggestions to make this easier:

  • Leave the hour and minute fields blank to start with (what is the likelihood that my next meeting is going to start at the exact moment that I enter it in my calendar?)
  • Instead of using three separate fields for hour, minute, and AM/PM, join them into one dropdown selector with common times (8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30).
  • Or use individual dropdowns for hour, minute, and AM/PM. This is a little more clicking, but still less than going minute-by-minute with an arrow button.
  • Keep the option to type in a time as an alternative to dropdown selection

Hello Valerie,
thank you for sharing your idea on the forum where other users can vote on it and our developers can consider it for future versions.