Make font change on the fly

This problem infuriates me. I have to cut and paste from web pages into my emails on a continual basis.

I have Tahoma 12 set as Preferred font for messages but when I open a new email. However when I copy and paste from web page it invariably comes in at Arial 14. That’s ok but in order to edit the Arial to Tahoma I have to select each paragraph (and only the paragraph not one space more ) then the change will apply. But edit the next paragraph and for some weird reason it will all revert back to Arial 14

Eventually I give up and just send out a crap looking email - why can’t I just select all or whole sections and apply a font change?


pasting from a webpage is always a tricky process, because the font sizes can be specified in a lot of different ways. If you need to paste an unformatted text, I would suggest pasting it as a plain text (Edit->Paste as text or a Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut)

Paste as text loses the hyperlinks and that is one of the main reasons that my templates are saved in html.

It is the inability of emc to edit the pasted fonts effectively that is infuriating.

Over the years I have used Outlook, TBird and others and none have had this problem. You just select the text ( maybe 20 paragraphs ) and change the font …no big deal but in emc each paragraph and line break between have to changed individually and they often without warning revert.


can you please send me sample email with this issue? right click on it and save as…
send it to: [email protected]
together with this URL:…