Make eM Run On Linux Wine


i bet you could get a lot of new customers if you could make eM work on Linux Wine.

Even better, make an Ubuntu package.


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Hello Johny, thank you for the suggestions, however we’re not currently considering a Linux version, however you should be able to run eM Client using Wine, since the application should be able to run regular windows packages, check their content menu for installing additional tools for install using wine.

This is however not officially supported.

have been attempting to install eM on Wine without success. 

have received errors about:

  • dotnet 4.0: But i thought eM only requires dotnet 2.0?
  • samba: Does eM require Samba?


eM Client is currently using .NET 4, however some features on windows still require to have both .NET 4 and 2 (or 3) active on the computer for certain .NET 2 components.

Samba may be a package Wine requires to run windows installer packages, however as far as I know it should be a part of all operating systems.

I used to use eM, years ago. I used it for about 2 or 3 years and liked it.
I only stopped because of corporate locking-down of my and other employees’ professional resources and practices. M$Otlook it just had to be alas.

My current email client, in Linux, is the very good package, ‘Evolution’. I think this is the best so far on Linux. But It still prefer to revert to eM if I can. I’m therefore interested in coming back to eM but only if I can run eM8 in Linux. First impressions are that it performs well under WINE (see below) but I think I’ll try it for a while. Does anyone have any recent first had experience of doing the same, please?

I’m using 64-bit Linux ZORIN, which is a Ubuntu/Debian derivative.

My experience so far:
eM8 installed very rapidly without incident.
It now starts up very quickly (3 or 4 seconds, including loading WINE) and runs effortlessly.
The user interface is also nicely sized to suit my Linux configuration. You wouldn’t know its a Win Doze application.

I’ve read that other subscribers have had variable degrees of success with this. My excellent first impressions might just be because I use WINE quite a lot, so it may be that I have already imported all the necessary additional WINE libraries for other reasons before I even tried installing eM8. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to extract a list of what, if any, special libraries eM8 might be using.

Suggested technical support: If isn’t yet ready to support eM8 officially as a Linux WINE product, could we not at least have a set of comprehensive instructions for how to run it as I am doing, including lists of WINE additional libraries?

As I have explained, for me, eM8 seems to have started well but I want to try it for a while, and I would really appreciate hearing about any other users’ experience before I commit to purchasing eM8.


Please could you update this comment to eM8? Is it still the same for eM8?
Also, please could you identify WHICH “features on windows still require to have both .NET 4 and 2 (or 3) active on the computer for certain .NET 2 components”? This is so that I can test my installation of eM8 to see if allfeatures are working before I upgrade to eM8 Pro.


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I have it running OK in WINE but I am stumped in that every time, without fail, that I press settings in the menu the programme crashes. This means I can’t increase font size which is needed as it’s far too small at the moment. It’s a pity because I really want to continue using eM Client. Mailspring is OK but it’s not EMC! If anyone can help I’d be grateful.

Hi John,
Would it be possible to share how you made EmClient work with Linux? I tried to install and everything seems to work till the point were I have to authenticate EmClient for use with Gmail. I get an error saying his browser or app in not save". I am running Linux Mint 20.3 and Firefox
Thank you very much

Hi all!

I have emCLient 9.2 running under current Manjaro / Wine (Crossover). Works like a charm except for two problems:

Like @Hart wrote I’m unable to authenticate emClient for use with GMail! I think it has to with emClient using some iexplore-dll for this task. If it would just open the browser, it might work, since I can set the default browser in Wine.

I tried to license it as a pro version with one of my licenses. I can see in the license management that it was activated, but emClient still thinks it’s unlicensed and closes again.

Any ideas about either of those problems?

Thanks in advance