Make eM Client even MORE competitive with Outlook using features I miss...

I just purchased MS Office Pro via my employer for $9.95 (Wow! I know - what a deal!) and now remember the things I miss in eM Client:

  1. The ability to run MULTIPLE rules at the same time using a checkbox by each rule to run. Benefit: Saves much time when creating/modifying and re-running rules by being able to run it all at one time on any or all messages/folders, rather than babysit and wait for each rule to run every time you change it.

  2. The ability to create a new rule on the fly by simply right-clicking on an email and create the rule using whatever properties the email has, e.g. From, To, Subject, Message, Text, Category, etc., then to perform any available action, including Bounce (to remove Spam from Spammer’s server) or Auto-Reply to sender. Benefit: Saves much more time to create/modify rules, organize mail, and eliminate Spam

  3. The ability to de-dupe identical emails/contacts by prioritizing properties (e.g. keeping x email from/to y sender/domain/receiver and deleting duplicate email from/to z sender/domain/receiver with identical message content). Benefit: Keep email file smaller, easier to manage, more efficient to read/process, and most importantly to keep email useful for communication and again, save time.

  4. The ability to filter/reading pane and/or create/modify rules based on wildcards/sender domain name/server (e.g. a) Reading Pane: Show only emails from * [make sure to include PROMINENT flag that user is viewing FILTERED content] or b) Rule Changes: Move all emails from * to folder “eBay”). Benefit: Save time to view ONLY important emails by domain or other properties and to create/modify rules based on these additional wildcard/domain properties to save time and make email more useful to user.

  5. The ability to Expand/Collapse all views based on data properties (e.g. if file sorted by subject, collapse all headings so I can view all headings at once and expand only those I want to read). Benefit: Save time and make email viewing more useful and efficient.

  6. The ability to sort on multiple levels based on message properties (e.g. by sender, then by date, then by subject). Benefit: Customize the view that is most useful and efficient for the user preferences and needs and again, save time.

Some other things that could help you serve us better:

  1. I have frequent loss of my wireless connection due to my Panasonic Microwave which obviously has nothing whatever to do with eMC. ALL email clients will error out when network disconnection occurs for whatever reason.

The primary difference between eMC and other clients is in how the error is displayed and handled. Perhaps the primary complaint about eMC is more to do with the annoying pop-up window that requires a navigation/click action every time eMC errors out - what a pain! Once my microwave is off, my wireless connection reactivates and my mail is received, but I still have to babysit the numerous and frequent eMC pop-ups.

Solution: show a hyper-linked error icon on the bottom status bar (like Outlook does) that will give the users more details only if they CHOOSE to click the icon. This will eliminate a major eMC-related complaint that was caused by outside conditions unrelated to eMC.

  1. An Idea Icon and/or menu link to this page for suggestions - you could even place a small light bulb icon on each viewing pane so you can receive specific suggestions based on the view the user wishes to improve.

  2. A “stoplight” panel on your support website showing the most requested features from users that will be implemented and being developed (green), are under review (yellow), or can’t be done (red). You could hyperlink the idea subject line to detailed posts. I know this is partially implemented on your Get Satisfaction page, but not quite as concise as I am suggesting.

  3. Make this suggestion pane bigger when I click into it, so I can read all my post at a glance, without so much scrolling.


Point 7 is one that I’ve found quite annoying. Literally every time I use eM Client, the error window is open. Ignoring the errors or closing the window is futile; it just opens up again after a few minutes.

This is partly a symptom of the fact that eM Client is buggy and unreliable software, but I do think that Internet connection drop-outs should be treated as less severe.

Point 7 is annoying in my few days of using eM client. I get this error box on LAN, Wi-fi for various reasons…

if it is restored etc the error should only be available if you are looking for it. not in your face.

You can disable showing of the error message here: Tools - Settings - General - disable the option Show window when an error occurs.

Maybe a good way to solve this problem would be to add a “Don’t show this window again” checkbox to the error window. What do you think?

Good point!

If you would aslo like to see “delayed Send” added to emClient, please vote for it here:…

If I understand what is bothering you correctly, it bothered me a lot too. I solved it by going to Settings - General - Operations Window. In the Operations Window you will see three check boxes including “Show window when an error occurs”. If you leave the box unchecked the problem should not occur.

That sounds like a good idea, however, won’t this also suppress the almost weekly pop-up message that I receive that says “eMclient has crashed and needs to be restarted”?

(And I always send the error to eMclient, but it never gets fixed)

You are probably right, but I don’t know since that’s never happened to me. But wouldn’t you know if it has crashed without the Operations message? If nothing else, it seems to me you would have red triangles all over. And, of course, you can always ask to look at the Operations message window by clicking on the bottom of the main eM window.

At least that’s the way things work in the latest version.

You might also get help faster if you have bought the Pro version, which I’ve done. I’ve found them to be very responsive and quick to try to solve the problem even if it has meant going to their programmers and asking them to fix what appears to be a bug.

My experience in converting to eM has not been without problems but in every instance, at least so far, they have devoted hour after hour trying to resolve issues. And every problem except one has been solved. I expect them to come up with a solution to the one unsolved problem even if I am the only person who is experiencing it.

I do have the Pro version.

I will find out the next time it crashes whether or not the application stays open, but frozen, or just closes itself.

Up until now, when it crashes, I see the window that tells me it crashed, and then I have to acknowledge it and it restarts.

The problem with the restart is that it then takes about 3 hours for it to scan the database for corruption, before it finally launches again.

Well, you are now beyond my meager ability to make suggestions.

Hi, thank you for all the suggestions, we’ll consider some of the improvements in future releases.