Make dragging an email from unread folder a move not copy

When dragging an email from the unread folder it adds a label but dose not remove the old label. I know this is to some degree how Google designed there email system but I just do not understand why people by default would want there emails in two folders. If I am in the inbox or all inbox folder it moves the email be default. This is the behavior I would like to see.

We need both options copy and move in eMClient as lots of customers use these everyday including myself and my friends.

The copy and move options within eM Client are also good for lots of Gmail peeps when you have eg: 100s of folders and subfolder as scrolling to find the folder to drag it to the specific label can be difficult for alot of older peeps I know where, eg: Even when they eventually get to the right label sometimes they also accidentally drag it to the wrong label due to (their mouse or wrist movement) and then don’t know which one. Then you have to search Gmail All Mail to find it if the email they dragged arrived sometime ago.

You can also Move to labels and folders via eg: right clicking on the subject or via adding the Move button to the toolbar along the top

So for you suggest to use the Move option rather than dragging and then manually remove any old labels as you are you are doing now. So as Gmail online don’t normally automatically remove old labels when you drag emails to new labels, that’s why eM Client currently mirrors this same manual remove label option in Gmail accounts as Gmail normally control all of that.

I don’t know if you could possibly setup either in Gmail online rules or eM Client rules locally to automatically remove the original Gmail label after dragging it to a new label. Other Google eM Client forum users here may know. I don’t think that possible remotely with Gmail IMAP but who knows. Lots of Gmail users on this forum.

Googles a unique system but works fine for most peeps in eM Client on this forum ok.

Thanks for the detailed response. My frustrations is if I am looking at All Inboxes it works the way I would want it too. So why not allow the same behavior when using the Unread folder?

That’s the way ,Googles “All Mail” folder works moving or coping stuff from inboxes or other Real folders to their label / folder system working off All Mail folder which holds 99% of all the mail in Gmail at Google.

I and alot of peeps do like to keep the same emails in lots of labels from inboxes and inbox for many different reasons.

For legal reasons many business peeps I know who have eg: Domain business Google Gmail accounts do create multiple mail labels with the same email in it for reference of who is eg: looking after stuff in that same email.

I also create multiple projects from the same email to multiple peeps labels. It’s a great feature and works good on Gmail mobile app too when moving emails from inboxes to custom labels.

So it’s only the “one email” from All Mail just linked to multiple labels you create yourself.

eM Client again just mirrors currently the same Google Gmail labels system as I advised above. Nothing eM Client can really change from Gmail All Inboxes I’m aware of to change that for you.

I definitely have some learning to do on how eM Client works I guess. I mean I know it works well with Gmail and that is why I like to so much. But it is its own software. Why could they not modify the behavior if they wanted too?

That is interesting by the way I dislike Gmail web interface so much I really do not know how much of it works. Been using Thunderbird or Outlook for years before finding eM Client.

I and most of my friends also used TB and Outlook Win and Mac and Pegasus & Mac Mail etc for years and now found eM Client far better than anything else for business and home and works great with Gmail and Google OAuth too.

I personally also don’t like Gmail via the webpage as find it clunky and difficult as a GUI particular with too many sub folders and prefer folder structure with webmail. So I forward every email I receive in my Outlook webmail to Gmail which then shows in my Google Gmail account with in eM Client mailer to by pass Gmail GUI.