Make Default Email button does not work

eMClient 7 (7.0.26687.0) Default Email Application - Make Default button does not work

Go to: Task Manager > Default Programs > Set Your default programs > click on eM Client > Set this program as default (at bottom of page). That should do it.


I have found that if you set emc as default through windows, it works as the default although emc does not report (menu/tools/settings/general) itself as default.

Hello everybody,

Unfortunately eM Client’s Make Default function is currently connected to the Windows 10 default tool ‘Default Apps’, which is not entirely reliable. To make eM Client your default email client, go to Windows’ Control Panel -> Programs -> Default Programs -> Set your default program. As Jay has observed, eM CLient will however still show the button ‘Make Default’ (in Menu ->Tools ->Settings -> General) as active.


One other note, It seems as if sending an email through Microsoft Office apps using emc is not possible.  True with other 3rd party email apps, not just emc.