Make Conversation View.

one of the best mail clients on windows. Just conversation view ist missing. and if you can add some themes, :slight_smile: i love eM Client


Great to read that you love eM Client!

‘Conversation view’ is the most requested addition to eM Client on this forum. But it seems not so easy to implement.

You can already select some themes for the user interface. If you have any special ideas for themes, I think you can try to let eM Client know your ideas.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’re currently working on a new user interface for our next release which should include the conversation/threaded view feature.
You can check out the UI preview on our facebook page and tell us what you think.

Hope this helps,

okay I’ll give my ideas :slight_smile: thanks for replying :) 

that is cool :slight_smile: keep it up (Y) and what about CONTACTS Interface??? plz make it also cool like this… well done :) 

Hi, the new UI redesigns the whole application’s behavior, so once it’s released you should have a more simplified contacts view as well.

Thank you for your support,

Hi, we need Conversation View (Gmail style)! Please release it asap!!

Hello, I love em Client for Windows. Any estimate on when the new UI will be available?

Hi, no exact date for the upcoming release has been set yet, but follow our facebook chat to get the latest information about the development or availability of the new eM Client.

Thank you,