Make a rule template?

When I get a new client I set up a folder under archive using the clients surname. All emails regarding this client are stored here. I have set up a rule 
After message has been sent with X found in subject and sent using processaccount make a copy to X folder
Can I keep this as a template so I only need to add the X detail each time I make a new folder?

or alternatively (and preferred but I think I’m pushing it)
send a copy of a sent email if a word in the subject matches the name of an archive folder ???

If the Rule works for you then there is no reason not to use the same formula for each new client.

Unfortunately you cannot use regex or a folder name or as a condition of a Rule, so the alternative will not work.

Hi Gary
I was just trying to avoid the time it would take to set this up in retrospect, but if it is unavoidable… 
Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the reply but I do not need your help at this time. D

Hi Gary, Hopefully you can help me with this issue, which relates to my previous post. The rule is set to copy sent email to a local folder however it moves the email instead. I have double checked and reapplied the rule multiple times however it still moves the email. Any advice?

If the Rule looks like this it should work.