Make a copy of a folder with emails


I’ve just tried eM Client and I find it awsome.

But I,ve a great question to solve for made the change from Outlook to eM Client:

In Outlook I make every year an Outlook file folder (*.pst) with the emails that I’ve recived in that year. So I’ve a *.pst file named 2008, other 2009, etc. as backups.

This is very usefull because everyone of these files are very big (for example 1,5 GB) and when I want to reload some email I’ve just to open the *.pst file and look it up, and then close it.

How can I do it to make different files for different years in eM Client.

Thank you for your answer.

Hi Eloy,
well this is really not possible as it is in Outlook, since the database works quite differently.
But if you want to archive your email, you can setup automatic archiving and all your mail will be saved in a local folder, this will also speed the process of search etc. But you can not make several files opening all your email from the past year.

You could use export feature though. You can Export all your emails into .eml files into a folder and you can open any of the mail with eM Client, but it won’t be using the eM Client’s interface, but the folder structure and all your email data will be kept.

Thank you, hope this helps,


Thank you for your answer.

At last I’ll give a chance to the software and I’ll change my backup method for a while.

One more question: Is it possible to sync different contact folders from iCloud to eM Client? (for example: Working contacts and Friends & Family contacts), I’m having problems with this issue, because eM Client only import one folder named “card” with all my contacts in it.


I Eloy,

If I remember correctly, eM Client indeed does NOT support contact ‘folders’ from iCloud.

Hi Eloy, as Hans suggested the contact folders are not really supported, all your current contact groups should be located in the main (only) contacts folder as Distribution lists.

Thank you,


Thank you very much. I’ll assume it…

I’ve finished with my “migration” and now I’ve to test it out some days to view if it has all the requirements I need.