Major Problem with Reply Function when there is a long thread with multiple Forwards or Replies

I have a message that is the end of a long thread of sends and replies between me and a particular person.  At one point in the middle of the thread, I forwarded the message to one of my co-workers.  That co-worker never even replied to the message I forwarded to him, but now whenever I click on reply to any of the messages in the thread,  it tries to reply to the co-worker instead of the original sender from the conversation.  Any Idea why this is happening?  If I go all the way up through the collapsed messages, I am able to click “reply” and it goes to the correct original person, but if I go down through the messages (even messages that do not have my co-worker in them) and click “reply” it tries to go to my co-worker.  So weird.  What is going on?

I am using Gmail and I don’t see this behavior.  Have you seen this in other conversation strings?

I am using g suite with a unique company domain so it is using gmails servers.  It has only happened in one string that I am aware of.  Might have just been a bug, but it was crazy, that one forward completely hijacked the rest of the conversation.  Anytime I clicked “reply” on anything associated with that conversation string (even if I hit “reply all”)  it only wanted to go to the guy I forwarded it to.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen again, but I’ll be watching for it now.

I also use G Suite with a unique domain.  You may want to try going to the ‘All Mail’ folder, right click on that folder and choose properties.  Then select the ‘Repair’ tab and click the ‘Repair’ button.  (note:  on Gmail, individual folders cannot be repaired, since they are not true folders.  Only the ‘All Mail’ folder can be repaired).