Major problem (some emails display for a while in Inbox & disappear)

Some mails appear briefly and then disappear from inbox while being available in All Mails. Found this problem since a few days. Request you to fix this.

Another problem relates to eMclient automatically distributing a long name put in First Name into First-Middle-Last name. Could this be avoided, it was not so in earlier version 6?

Request you to provide an option to merge duplicates?

Other than these small issues, eMclient is one of the best and their support team is very good too.

thank you for the praise. As for your issues:
What version of eM Client are you running? Current latest version is 7.0.27804.0, if the version in Help>About is different, download the latest from our website:
If the issue with disappearing messages prevails, check if you have any rules in eM Client or in gmail web settings that could be causing this behaviour.
Is this mail account perhaps set up on another device/program?

If you click the ‘Full name…’ title in the Contacts setting you should be able to manually set First/middle/surname. Or have you experienced problem even with this setting?

As for merging - you can merge information in your contacts manually by dragging them onto the other. This will keep both the files, but the information will be copied and you can then delete the duplicate yourself.
You can also use the Deduplicator tool in Menu>Tools>Deduplicator. Choose your contacts and where you want to search for duplicates and then choose to Merge the duplicates.