Major flaw - no indication of new email !!!!

After setting up 5 email accounts and adding 30+ rules to organize emails in folders I thought I was all set. I minimized the client and after a while I received an email notification. Sweet.

After a few minutes I opened up the client and… wow, which folder the new email has landed in?

All my folders have 10+ unread emails, so I had to go through each folder comparing the timestamp of the first email with the time that I saw the notification.

I would expect to see the folder becoming bold. Is it too much to ask for this feature?

Yes, the folder and the new message will be bold, and an unread count will be next to the folder. You can also simply open the Unread Smart Folder.

If you cannot see the boldness, maybe you could re-calibrate your monitor. is a good one.

It is all flat. I have it running on two desktops and a laptop. There is no problem with fonts or color calibration. I am running the latest version. It must be something else, not sure what.  Any other ideas?

Latest version? Which version?

Are you using a custom theme? Maybe revert to the default one and see if there is a difference.

The version is 7.2.36908.0 and I am using the build-in Modern theme.

I installed that version and it appears fine. The new messages are very clearly in bold and have the handy orange dot as well.

Are you using any Windows Tweaking software?

Maybe uninstall eM Client and then install it again.

Otherwise I have no suggestions Robert.

Yes i think this featuere is not right implement in EMC. (I wanted to a long time ago write a message to EMC Support with many Simply Ideas, i worked on this)

New incomming mails become counted (in EMC ->Mail SUB-Folder), but NO messaes in Windows TASK and Messaging Center,  IF mails is filtered by SERVER (sieve in oure construct) but i tested -> if EMC Rule on working on incomming mail - than its ́s all right

The Mail and the Counter-Numberis is BOLD - but not the FOLDER Title

Gary thank you very much for all your effort trying to help.

I am referring to the Folder, not the message subjects. The folders should become bold upon arriving a new email.

Steffen, if there are no messages in the Windows Action Centre, then you need to enable system notifications in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Notifications.

Also, eM Client does not give new message notifications for messages moved by the server to sub-folders. New message notifications are for Inbox only. If you want notifications for those messages then you need to disable the filter on the server, and create a Rule in eM Client to do the same thing. Then, even when the Rule moves the messages, new message notifications will be passed to the Windows Action Centre.

That is a bit of a trade-off, I know. I also have server-side filters as it is easier when you have multiple devices connecting to the same message store, then you only need one set of filters.

Yes, the folder is not bold, but it is easy to identify which folder has new messages because it has a message count next to it.

I know in Thunderbird the folder is bold and blue when a new message arrives, and after some time it is just bold. Then when new messages arrive the folder turns blue again. So it is easy to see using that system.

If you want to propose something like this as an idea to be considered by the developers, then instead of creating a question on this forum, create an Idea.

If you propose it, I will vote. :wink:

Let me clarify even further.

I have just received an email for the following account and one of the Rules moved the email on one of the following folders. Can you tell which one?

On almost all the other email clients, even on text based mutt, the subfodler becomes bold. This is how the user knows where to click in order to read the email. See below?

That is why I consider this as a flaw and not a lack of feature.

It is a design choice and not a flaw.

Yes, but that is a question, not an idea. As far as I know feature requests should be posted as Ideas, so that other users can vote on them. Those that prove to be popular, may be considered for future development.

Btw, I see the and it seems that the software is in maintenance mode. Just bug fixing and small improvements, no new features.

Yes, just service updates for those sub-versions. If there is a 7.3, then you could maybe expect a new feature, but probably nothing major until version 8, which is expected late next year.