Major calendar problem

Major problem with Google calendar: I tried to export (with em client) a set of different calenders (origin and connected to google). Then I switched off these google calendars and implemented a cal dav on my synology. I created several accounts and tried to import the exported ics-files back to these new accounts. But then it showed a lot of error calls with ‘missing repeating ID’ (might be bad translated due to german error message). So far so bad. I actived the google and local calendars to see which have been imported successfully and which not. Afterwards I manually changed the google appointsments calendar path (edit->change calendar) to the local ones (em copies them from google to local path). That solved it for the first moment and it seemed they all have been copied sucessfully to the local server. Finally I went to the next PC. Here I just deactivated the google calendars, created new cal dev accounts and filled in the link to the cal dev local server. But here came the same error. Em client could not load all appointsments, because there is some kind off missing repetition ID problem inside the ics files. Huh? Why? There is one PC+EM Client reading local cal dev files and showing no error. There are many others and the cannot read the same files?

Is the last update buggy? Was it my fault to export the calendar over em client? Should I use googles export functionality? How can I fix these appointments? they are not in google anymore and I cant import them to (a blank) google calender because even google cant import them due to error messages.

I really need help with this one!


  • Google calendars->Export (over em client)
  • deact. google cal
  • create new cal dev accounts error ‘missing repetition id’
  • workaround: active google+local cal dev->manually select new origin (path) -> em copies to local server (all appointments are locally stored now and available on this pc)
  • move to next pc->deact. google -> create cal dev accs -> link to local server-> error: missing repetition id

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