Main menu suggestions

Main menu hotkey

I notice a slightly odd thing with a hotkey in the main menu (the menu accessible via Alt+M).

The main categories are File, Edit, View, Message, Tools, and Help. Most of them can be opened using Alt plus a keystroke: F, E, V, T, and so forth. Alt+M and then E selects the Edit fly-out menu. Press E again and the Help fly-out menu is selected.

But why use “E” twice this way? Why not make “H” the hotkey for Help? I just looked in the list of keyboard shortcuts, and Alt+H doesn’t seem to be one of the active shortcuts (unless I just missed it or it has a purpose within eM Client but just hasn’t been shown in the list of shortcuts).

Help > About

The Help > About menu contains the specific eM Client version number in current use. It might be useful at times to be able to cite this number in a tech-support request. Please consider adding a “copy version number to clipboard” feature in this dialog. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to copy the version number. (Some Windows dialogs’ text contents can be copied as text to the clipboard by pressing Control+C when the dialog box is on-screen. That doesn’t seem to work for the Help > About dialog.)

Faster access to Settings

It would be useful to have both a clickable “Settings” icon near the top of the program’s main window, and a dedicated keyboard shortcut for it (say, Alt+S).

Just curious, did you try the ‘standard’ F1 key? I’m not on a system with eM Client installed so I’m not able to test myself right now.

F1 goes to the online help on the web (shown as “Contents” in the Menu > Help flyout menu). But there are other items in the Help menu.