mailwasher pro

hello, I like to use mailwasher to get rid of the spam before it gets to both able to use this with EM client, I need to be able to switch off automatic checking.Can you tell me how to do this please?

Hi Chris, not completely sure what you’re referring to as “Automatic checking”, automatic checking of what exactly?

Thank you,

Isn’t Synchronizing the same as automatic checking?  The checking of the server to see if there is new mail?  I have that setting unchecked, but EM Client is still bringing in email.  For the moment, I have selected the ‘Work Offline’ option – that stops the synchronizing, but I fear that it will again bring in emails when I return from offline.

If your account is setup as IMAP, then the server essentially pushes new email to you, rather than you checking for new email. There is no way to disable that except by going offline as you have discovered.

Synchronizing relates to POP3. You are right in that it is the same as automatic checking. Mailwasher was designed to work with POP3 with synchronization disabled. It was never intended to be used with more modern protocols such as IMAP. Rather most email providers now offer the same function with their built-in spam detection, allowing you to use IMAP safely.

That’s what I figured. Now on my PC, the account is set up as POP3, on my Android phone it is IMAP…with no option to change it. I can live with work-arounds…as long as they work. :o)