mailto links with subject and body

I use MS Excel to formulate mailto links that include an email subject and body, for example mailto:[email protected]&subject=Hello me&body=Hello me, from me. These links work with MS Outlook however when using these links when EM Client is default, the entire link apart from the ‘mailto:’ bit is inserted in the ‘To’ address field, including the other field labels. Any ideas on how to solve this? Does EM Client support the use of mailto links which include subject and body indicators.

Link from above - [mailto:[email protected]&subject=Hello me&body=Hello me, from me](mailto:[email protected]&subject=Hello me&body=Hello me, from me “Link mailtomemecomsubjectHello mebodyHello me from me”)

Thanks for any assistance,

Hi Gavin, I believe this is due to use of an incorrect format for formatting the mailto link.
If you want to include subject or body in the link, try to use ‘?’ instead of ‘&’, e.g. [Try to click on this mailto link using ? sign](mailto:[email protected]?subject=like this “Link: mailto:[email protected]?subject=like this”).

Hope this helps,

Thank Paul, that solves the problem I had. Do you know of a way in which attachments can be referred to in mailto links and subsequently attached to the email the mailto link creates? Does EM Client support this?

That’s unfortunately not possible while using mailto links.